Improving your body, improving your life

Improving your body, improving your life

Improving your body, improving your lifeImproving your body, improving your life

Private Lessons

The most ideal setting to achieve results.  Private lessons for  all types of Pilates and Ballet are available.


Initial Consultation for Pilates


In this initial visit we will assess and align injuries and goals, decide on the best protocol to address your specific needs, 

and create a realistic plan.

All protocols will be tailored to you; athletes, dancers, elderly population, special needs, back pain, or post-partum.



Mat Pilates


A 30-minute private is an intense and focused session to improve specific skills 

and target a few key areas.


60-minutes provides a full session of tailor-made exercises designed to meet your needs according to your goals.


Equipment Pilates


The reformer, the Cadillac, and the Wunda Chair are crafted Pilates equipment that allow for area-specific targeting abilities. 

Using these apparatus are the preferred method for both supporting injury-recovery, following physical therapy protocols, and for targeted muscled recruitment in specificity training. 

Highly recommended to achieve new athletic skills, and to overcome 

movement imbalances or deficiencies in all populations.

60-minute sessions, package pricing available.



Initial Consultation for Ballet


In this initial visit I will assess movement patterns, and align these with interest and goals. 


*This fee is waived if you are currently enrolled in my ballet class.

Ballet 30-minute


A focused and intense session to review classical ballet technique, improve a specific skill, or add to repertoire of confidence  in the center.  Appropriate for pre-pointe and pointe-work.

Please warm up prior to session.


Ballet 60-minute


A tailor-made ballet class that focuses on acquisition of specific skills needed to progress in ballet; both for competitions and to increase success in class.