Improving your body, improving your life

Improving your body, improving your lifeImproving your body, improving your life


Anna has moved & danced her whole life- mastering and performing many different styles, though her favorite has always been ballet. Coupled with her fascination with movement, she has trained her eye to detect movement patterns necessary for successful, healthy dancing.

Her passion for dance & movement is now focused on using biomechanics and Pilates to help dancers be stronger, more confident, and dance smarter. After experiencing challenging recoveries from pregnancies, debilitating sciatica, dance-related injuries, and a (short-term) desk job, she possesses a thorough understanding of back pain, muscle tears, and the grueling task of sitting. These serve to support clients with lumbar sensitivities, injury-recovery for dancers, and the syndromes affiliated with desk-jobs.

Anna is a BASI certified Pilates teacher with a Dance Specialization from Karen Clippinger at CSULB. She also holds certificates in Progressive Ballet Technique (PBT), and in Pilates for Back Pain from the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI).

Additionally, she holds a BS and a BA from the University of San Diego in Oceanography and Anthropology, and maintains a current California teaching credential. She designed science curriculum for UCSC, and taught high school for 12 years.